Is your family prepared for an emergency?

questions-2245264_1920Family Emergency Plan

There’s been a series of small (3.4 ish) quakes in Kitsap County over the past few days and although I choose to believe these small quakes are relieving pressure and staving off the ‘big one,’ it’s prompted me to review our emergency plan.

After my divorce 3 years ago I went through a disaster preparedness phase. It was part of my process in establishing my new head of household position. I needed to feel secure and prepared. For the most part, on a nominal level, I think we are. Are you?

There are a lot of wonderful resources online, but I thought I’d share some of the simple steps we’ve taken in case it helps anyone else. Scroll to the bottom for links to kits and printable plans. It’s a good idea to review your plan with your family. Continue reading