What’s to Come

(Inspired by a NPR Poetry Prompt)

I dream a world where oppression is suffocated by kindness,

not a false, plastered on kindness that puffs up the perceived worthy,

but a true kindness that reaches to elevate those struggling under the

weight of generational ideology that’s past its expiration date.


I dream a world where our differences don’t mandate our division;

where we celebrate, rather than seek to obliterate, our unique cultures and

weave a glorious tapestry of our many-colored threads.


I dream a world where we value truth above power;

where the value and well-being of every individual

is our collective goal.


I am not better because you are less and you are not less because I deem myself better.


I dream a world where we appoint leaders who inspire

common goals born of calling us to a deeper understanding;

leaders who surround themselves with visionaries and sages rather than acolytes.


I dream a world where we can gracefully dismantle the old ways that impede progress while merging wise ways with new ways that forge a more equitable future.
I dream a world that has more faith than fear as we face what’s to come.