By the Light of the Full Snow Moon

The super snow moon is here, and my mind has kicked into overdrive. It’s the biggest, brightest full moon of 2019 and it’s messing with me.Full Moon

There’s something about the phases of the moon and its gravitational effect on us that makes a lot of sense to me. It’s science and spirituality. I’m intrigued by the role these cycles play not only in farming, but in humanity. As part of the natural world, we are not immune. Continue reading


Whole30 Finish LineI completed my first Whole30 round on March 30th and a few friends asked me to share my take aways.

Why I did Whole30:

I started this journey because I’m facing transition and want to feel healthy, energized, and capable. March 5th marked the 4-year anniversary of my divorce and I’ve spent the past few years recovering, finding forward, and learning to manage my health after being diagnosed with Hashimotos. Hashimotos is an auto immune disease that attacks my thyroid and compromises my immune system, energy, concentration, and weight. As far as auto immune diseases go, it’s one of the more manageable ones, but it’s still a time thief and I have to pace myself.

What Whole30 is:

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Surviving Summer

We’re smack in the middle of summer and this is the first year since having Tips for Surving Summerchildren that I’ve felt calm and capable. I know a lot of moms with younger children who aren’t quite there yet. I promise, it will get better. Surviving summer used to be a major hurdle for me and I’ve learned a few strategies along the way.

While many of us revel in the sunshine, longer days, and more relaxed schedules—others face the season reluctantly.  Reverse seasonal affective disorder impacts one-tenth of the population and can be debilitating. The good news is that awareness, planning, and self-care can help you face summer with a lighter spirit. Here’s a quick list of causes for summer depression with strategies for overcoming them.

1. Expectations

Cause: Everyone around you is romping in the sun. Why aren’t you? Living up to summer expectations can be overwhelming if you aren’t naturally inclined toward fun in the sun.

Strategy: Be kind to yourself, give yourself grace, and identify the root cause. If expectations are weighing you down, seek help. A session with a professional psychotherapist can help you re-frame and survive summer by finding a solutions that work for you. Keep reading for specific causes for summer depression and suggestions to combat them.  Continue reading

Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Screen free summer for kidsWe all know limiting screen time during summer is a challenge. If you work from home, and need your kids to stay occupied and out of trouble without destroying your house, it’s even more of a challenge.

I created a Boredom Busters list a few years ago that I still post every summer. Click Boredom Busters to open the printable file.

This year we added a chore app to our arsenal. Chorma. It allows you to assign points to chores linked to a reward system. I chose a $20 gift card (their choice) if they reach 85 points. Chorma worked like a charm the first week and though the novelty has worn off, my kids are still working toward that gift card. I’m nagging less than usual, so it’s working. I think I’ll add extra points to ensure they clean up after any boredom buster activities.

I’d love to hear your ideas for a screen free summer. Good luck and Happy Summer!



Is your family prepared for an emergency?

questions-2245264_1920Family Emergency Plan

There’s been a series of small (3.4 ish) quakes in Kitsap County over the past few days and although I choose to believe these small quakes are relieving pressure and staving off the ‘big one,’ it’s prompted me to review our emergency plan.

After my divorce 3 years ago I went through a disaster preparedness phase. It was part of my process in establishing my new head of household position. I needed to feel secure and prepared. For the most part, on a nominal level, I think we are. Are you?

There are a lot of wonderful resources online, but I thought I’d share some of the simple steps we’ve taken in case it helps anyone else. Scroll to the bottom for links to kits and printable plans. It’s a good idea to review your plan with your family. Continue reading

New Aries Moon / Fresh Annointing


New Aries MoonTurning Point

This weekend was a turning point for me. The last couple of months were rough. With rotating viruses and a serious lack of motivation, I felt discouraged over the dismantling of several key areas in my life. It was a painful shedding process that I now feel was necessary to get me to this point of renewal.

Yesterday, I felt like I was emerging from the abyss. I felt a strong urge to focus on a fresh anointing and a fresh start. The prompting started a week and a half ago and felt crystal clear by this morning. Continue reading

Life Under Construction

Life Refurbished

Something good is coming soon

Yesterday I logged onto my site to enter a new blog post and was greeted by a ‘domain expired’ message. It was a little bit my fault and a little bit my hosts fault. We are working it out. I sighed when the ‘site under construction’ message was posted and thought, my life is under construction – where is the message for that? Maybe I should add it to my voicemail announcement and my email signature.

You’ve reached April Avey Trabucco. My life is under construction right now, but something good is coming soon. I’ll return your inquiry as soon as I’ve worked out the kinks. Continue reading