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Something good is coming soon

Yesterday I logged onto my site to enter a new blog post and was greeted by a ‘domain expired’ message. It was a little bit my fault and a little bit my hosts fault. We are working it out. I sighed when the ‘site under construction’ message was posted and thought, my life is under construction – where is the message for that? Maybe I should add it to my voicemail announcement and my email signature.

You’ve reached April Avey Trabucco. My life is under construction right now, but something good is coming soon. I’ll return your inquiry as soon as I’ve worked out the kinks.

As far as the site goes – I’ve lost a year’s worth of content and admin updates. But, I’ve found a solution and I’m handling it.

I'm handling itI’m Handling It is my post-divorce mantra. This is actually a big deal for me. I’ve built an arsenal of healthy coping skills over the past year and as a result, I’m so much more capable. That doesn’t mean I have all my ducks in a row, but it does mean I know where they are and I’m slowly lining them up.


I’d categorize my life construction project as a refurbishment with the following priorities:

  • I’m keeping the good (things that lift me up and propel me forward)
  • I’m ditching the bad (things that weigh me down and keep me stuck)
  • I’m focusing on what’s essential (my children, my work, my health, faith, and the people who keep me sane)
  • I’m adding beautiful things (fulfilling work, experiences, and relationships that make me a more joyful person)
  • I’m slowly getting to the rest of it (please be patient with me)

I’m a recovering people pleaser. I absorbed misdirected blame and doled out unnecessary apologies for years and it’s a hard habit to break. Breaking habits isn’t always pretty. There’s some rubble.

Among the debris are glimmers of beauty. I appreciate the goods things so much more and for the most part – thanks to prayer, therapy, and anxiety medication – I’m more chill about the bad things. So, I lost a significant chunk of content on my blog. When my son makes a mistake on one of his drawings, I tell him to turn that mistake into something beautiful. I can do that too.

Just wait, good things are coming.

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