Coping Tools for a Busy Season

Coping Tools for Busy ScheduleHoly crisp everything is hitting at once. Did you survive the back to school scramble? Do you have your coping tools ready to go?

Summer is over and fall, while not official until September 23rd, is here. I love the trappings of fall, but dang it’s a busy season. Sports, music, volunteer requests, mountains of paperwork, school projects, and oh yes, your own separate list of goals you hope to accomplish while the kids are in school. AND THEN THERE’S WORK. How do we keep it all together? Let’s talk about the state of our minds in relation to our schedules.

Shifting seasons, particularly from summer into fall then onto winter can alter our brain chemistry. Aside from nutrition and exercise, what are your coping skills? I’m going to list a few of mine to get the ball rolling.

TOOLS (we all need them) Disclaimer: these are from a 2015 post. I noted my updates. Tried and true, many of them still work great. Continue reading

Unexpected Provisions

Faith in the trenchesYesterday I watched my nine year old son chase a ball of white fluff around our coffee table. Autumn light streamed through the picture window and his antics cast shifting silhouettes against the sunbathed wall. The fluff ball yipped and wriggled, and my son danced and laughed. This boy and this dog are both miracles. Watching them play softens the walls guarding my heart and reminds me of God’s spectacular provision through years of crisis. Continue reading

Shifting My Perspective

I’m reading a fantastic book about artists, in particular writers though it transcends that, and the role of Christianity. It’s incredibly inspiring and I want to share a few tidbits:

Lott BookBret Lott, in Letters and Life: On Being a Writer, On Being a Christian, points out that the words angst and epiphany have essentially been misappropriated by the secular world. I’m going to liberally paraphrase in the interest of keeping this short.

Lott’s perspective on the word epiphany: “the ‘shining forth’ or revelation of God to man in the person of Jesus Christ” is now most often defined as “a kind of psychological reckoning of characters (individuals) to themselves and their world.”

He goes on to refer to Soren Kierkegaard’s definition of angst as “the anxiety felt deep in man’s heart when faced with the uncrossable chasm between God and our broken world.” Continue reading